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Glass Top Coffee Tables for Houses, Offices and Commercial Institutions

Diy Glass Top Coffee Tables

Glass top coffee tables might be the most popular and easy item to get. This design commonly put dominant type for modern style of building. The eye catching design of glass top table becomes the main point why people like to present this king of table. Whether for the part of house, offices, coffee shops, boutique shops, etc this table will be appropriate and actually become prior option. Glass top tables for coffee are very functional furniture. Since this material will be able to reflect light, it also will be able to make the room looks larger. Therefore, this table will be appropriate for room with small space in it. From simple design till the most complicated design will be available at the market. Many designers compete to get their design accepted in industry.

With mix of wood and stainless steel, this glass top coffee table will appear more attractive. The presence of other material makes it far away from flat look. Besides, it is also reducing the risk of crack or might be breaking up into pieces from many different people that use it. To put drinks and snacks, till glass top will be easier to be clean. Only wipe it up with certain cleaner, fingerprints, crumbs, water spills will be cleaned and nonexistent very quickly.


steamer trunk coffee table with drawers

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table with Classic Look

Glass Top Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

What is steamer trunk coffee table? Have you ever seen this kind of coffee table yet? Great moments such as religious holidays are often used by people to beautify the home. One room that is often highlighted in terms of decorating the living room of course, because this space is the most frequently accessed our relatives or friends. In decorating the living room at home, a time to a moment of your time to choose the right type of table to complete the living room. Coffee table has a very important role in supporting the function of the living room, because here we can put the food and drink that we will serve for guests who visit our house. We certainly know, there are several types of tables on the market that provides different design and functions.

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table set

The selection of the type and model appropriate table for your living room is certainly necessary in order to look your living room becomes more attractive and aligned with each other. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the function of the coffee table is tailored to our needs. For example, coffee table type End Table with trendy and stylish design can make your living room look more visually appealing. It is flexible and can be changed in accordance with the desire to make this type of coffee table is suitable for dynamic young people. Besides End Table, there are several types of coffee table that you can find in the market. However, some of you may be unfamiliar with some types of the coffee table like this steamer trunk coffee table. Therefore, to give you an additional reference in choosing the right coffee table, this time will be explained about steamer trunk coffee table more detail.

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

For those of you who love to collect furniture or middle hunting vintage items, now is the time you are looking for a small-sized tables to add to your collection. Although small, this sort table maximizes space while meeting your needs. Steamer trunk coffee table presences many benefits, such as to put drinks, books, or even just support feet while sitting on the couch. Conversely, if you do not use it right, you will only add to the stack goods at home. However, the use is not confined to a small table in the living room or family room. You can also put this table in the bedroom, bathroom, or in the dining room. Due to the presence of a small table can make a big difference between sitting room uncomfortable and very comfortable sitting room. The origin of the coffee table is still vague. One assumption says the coffee table from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Other sources said the coffee table was first originated in England in the second half of the 19th century. Regardless of its origins, the coffee table is an important part of home furniture in the mid 20th century. You can choose to decorate your interior to make it looks unique by utilizing this trunk steamer coffee table.

Belmont design group coffee table

Pine coffee table large white painted thumb

Painted Coffee Tables will be New Life for the Room

diy painted coffee table ideas

Painted coffee tables is not only fun to create but also will bring new look inside the room. This is a bit tricky because there is only color which bring your room into new look. The excellence of tricky creation might suitable to represent this design for your room. Painted table for coffee means take your old furniture into an update. It is the update of color which also create new atmosphere inside the room. You can also update the hardware with more modern design and sleek look. This kind of activity is interesting because you will not spend a lot of time to reuse your old furniture. You only need to choose another color on it to make the room get back its interesting look. On the other hand, there is mud of kind of dull condition will make the look of you furniture in total bad appearance.

With some fresh color, painted coffee table will bring back the pleasure of fun time hanging out at this  table. You can also update the look of the chairs or sofa with new color and also soft fabrics. It would be totally change the room and get rid the bad luck inside your room.

Pine coffee table large white painted thumb


White Marble Coffee Table with glass top

Marble Coffee Table the Classic Material for Great Interior Styling

Glass Top White Marble Coffee Table Marble coffee table has been popular as the part of Mediterranean classic style. It has solid material characteristic which definitely show sleek and smooth surface table. As the part of ancient Greeks and Romans usage, this furniture choice will be very great decision to make. Clean and Crisp effect will be the part of this furniture look for your room element. Marble coffee table represents richness with unique pattern as integral part of it and also finished with polish smooth surface. You do not have to worry about the perfect appearance of this furniture collection. There will be many interesting design that you can get with modern touch of frames and also sharp edge line. As the focal point of the room, you can see that this coffee table will be impressive to place in the center spot of the room.

By using this marble table, you will present something interesting and also furniture material with great material selection. It means that you will be able to provide something fun, impressive and also edgy in one perfect set. In addition, you will also create certain modern and comfortable atmosphere inside your room with certain colors and patterns which really represent you as the homeowner and also show your personal taste.

karma marble coffee table

enlonged kitchen

White kitchen cabinets blue walls

Here and after I`ll show some of my projects have been implemented in real interiors on previous 5 years.

Less words ! I’ll show it to you in BIG PICTURE format

Blue kitchen cabinet-style


Elongated kitchen


Blue kitchen in small apartments in NY

Large Coffee Tables Square

Large Coffee Tables as the Room Focal Point

tropical Oversized Coffee Tables

Large coffee tables are suitable design for gathering with some people on it. More than six people on the same table will add some fun time to share with. Most of people choose large table from wood material. It might be this material is the warmest material which can add comfortable feeling during the occasion. Large coffee tables can be placed inside then room or outdoor. It is about atmosphere and also material type that you choose. When it is about atmosphere and comfort ability, you can choose certain hardwood material which can be placed outdoor. There are many variant of hardwoods that you can choose such as solid wood. It is about the room functional and also the style. There might certain style of table will not be appropriate to be the part of your room. Therefore, you need to choose the right choice as the part of decoration and composition for the beauty of room.

Moreover, choosing large coffee table will add interesting view inside the room. You might realize that this furniture will be totally visible as the part of living room or any other places. You can have large scale of sofa and get good complete of place for gathering. One more thing, there is important to know the room space to allow other feel free space inside the room.

natural wood coffee table ireland

Wood uniq table

Unique Coffee Tables and Picking the Perfect One


Unique coffee tables will be available in sets and also individual pieces. You can buy only the table without chairs or sofa and choose other interesting furniture to accompany your unique table for coffee. It sometime becomes a trouble when you love coffee table but not the chairs. Therefore, you need to buy from stores which allow you to buy them separately. Unique table elements depend on colors, designs and also styles. If you want modern style, you can pick metal or glass material for your coffee table. While you want something traditional, you can go for wood material. Choosing table should never separate from its shape and size. It is bad choice if you choose to buy certain coffee table without considering their fit size for your room. It would be waste of time and also make the furniture not in good atmosphere for the room. Choosing something which suit you is tiring activity, therefore you need to prepare it perfectly and choose to avoid silly actions.


As the best par for gathering, its original shape  holds important role for the room. You can use it in the room for attractive decoration and make friends and guests start their conversation with positive words. Something unusual will never affect flat respond for people. You should remember this sentence and choose the best furniture for the lovely room.

Ideas For Unique Coffee Tables

square cherry wood coffee tables

Square Coffee Tables and Consider the Space

Large square coffee tables
Square coffee tables will be ideal for you homeowners who want to provide enough stretch legs between sofa and table. It is important space because people will feel more comfortable with their part of body in relax position. Using table for coffee means that you are ready to serve friends and guests comfortable atmosphere for conversational place. Many of them choose square coffee table with also storage under it to store magazines and some other supporting item for relax time. They can read magazines while waiting for you to show up from other place or while you are preparing drink for them. It is functional storage you can use under the table and maximize the space. The storage can be in open design or use basket to make it more organized in look.

In addition, it is good to know what you are going to do with your square coffee tables. It means knowing the function of then table among your sofa or chair. If you use the table for many activities, such as; cut a cake, cheese or some other eating activity you can choose higher table than sofa seat, while for less activity it would be vice versa. It is about the space as the main key to make them comfortable while doing that kind of activity inside the room.

traditional Glass Square Coffee Tables