Original kitchen sink: 6 ideas 30 examples


Dry statistics says: almost two-thirds of cases that involved the hostess kitchen, one way or another connected to the sink, so that should not detract from the importance of this subject in the interior. We have compiled a selection of interesting shells, among which is easy to find something to your taste.

1. Non-standard materials

No need to buy standard metal washer when manufacturers are constantly encouraging new refined products. This can be a shell of a smooth copper or engraved, marble, or even concrete.

2. Bright colors

If the interior of the kitchen is decorated in cheerful colors, or, on the contrary, requires a color accent, note the color of the shell. This can be a whole bright coating or painted mosaic pattern.

3. The new coordinates

Do not want to “chase” the sink in the corner or put on the wall? The easiest way to diversify the interior – fit in kitchen space so-called island and embed it in the sink work surface. Another great idea – the sink near the window. This controversial reception functionality has the right to life only when you are ready to monitor the cleanliness of the glass. However, the lower part of the window can be closed by a protective screen.


4. The original form

Sinks original form more suited to those who have little use for them. If you prefer a dishwasher, look for shallow, curved or curly wash sink.



5. The emphasis is on tap

Sometimes, in order to transform the kitchen sink does not necessarily change. It is enough to buy a new interesting mixer that will fit into your decor. This can be a tall curved faucet, kitchen shower or quirky thing in Art Deco style.




6. The solution for small apartment

Sink-transformer – a real godsend for owners of small kitchens. The shape of her bowls suggests that at any moment the hostess can close part of the sink cutting board or set inside a sieve to facilitate the cooking process.


blue kitchen in small appartments

White kitchen cabinets blue walls

Here and after I`ll show some of my projects have been implemented in real interiors on previous 5 years.

Less words ! I’ll show it to you in BIG PICTURE format

Blue kitchen cabinet-style


Elongated kitchen


Blue kitchen in small apartments in NY

cheap contemporary coffee tables uk

Contemporary Coffee Table Suitable for Homeowners with Ideas and Design

Rustic Contemporary Coffee Table

Contemporary coffee table might become the most recommend design for coffee table. This design will fully provide and offer good solution for people who like about the beauty and functional furniture design. As the presence of coffee table will be used by anyone who visiting the room, you also need to offer them both great appearance and also comfortable furniture design. Contemporary table is the right choice for them who hunger about beautiful place inside the house. In addition, the presence of this item is clearly to satisfy their passion and need for relax. Hang out with some friends and also family is interesting activity to do, especially if you can have it in your daily life. You will be able to control bad emotion, balancing yourself temper with great environment inside the room.

This is great decision to choose contemporary table for coffee as the part of your life. You will enjoy your decision with stylist and beautiful design inside your room every time you visit this place. Do not worry about design selection. There will be many variant of unique and functional design that you can find. You just need to prepare appropriate choice of design, color and also shape according to your room style. Moreover, you need to concern and set about budget.contemporary coffee table with book storage

Modern Round White Coffee Tables

White Coffee Table Repaint from Wood Natural Color

modern white coffee table with storage

White coffee table becomes people choice with its characteristic to give the room brighter look and make the room look better . It is a fact that white color  make the room look larger by bouncing the light through room. It would be different if you choose dark color for table and also some prior element inside the room with black or braun color. Therefore, if you are homeowners who feel like to choose brighter room condition, you can start with white coffee table. It would be a good start because you will work on it to combine the white color with other interesting color. You can choose red, yellow, orange, blue,  green and other bright colors to combine with white. In addition, if you like to add dark color, make sure that this dark color only in little percentage. This is to avoid domination of dark color for the room.

Further, by choosing coffee white table you need to consider about maintenance. It might need more work for it. You need to choose table with appropriate material according to your personality. It means that you can manage your time to clean it up in easy way without reducing fun time that you get on this table. For instance, you can choose white table with glass as the countertop and wipe the glass surface up after hanging out at the same table.

Large white coffee table

Toby Woven Leather Coffee Table

Leather Coffee Table – a good thing to escape from a pale design

One winter evening sitting by the fireplace and wrapped in Scottish plaid, I sipped my favorite Baileys and absently wondered about that, about this. The crackling of burning logs and dancing tongues of ​​cozy fire evokes the precious spleen, which is definitely a sign of any kind of refined, tired endure all ordeals, abundantly scattered through life blind fate. Immersed in melancholy thoughts  I got a call from a customer. She asked [...]

Coffee Table with Stools Underneath

Coffee Table with Stools will be Simple and Playful Selection

Coffee table with integrated stools 1

Coffee table with stools is popular for casual design. There are many interesting design that you can for this table with stools. Although, there is no back this furniture will be suitable and also quite comfortable to sit. Maybe, you will frequently find this furniture as the part of modern café style, waiting room and some other places. But, for item inside the house, you can totally place it inside your house. Coffee table with stools is unique and interesting choice if you can choose the right selection. Among many variant of designs, you will find the best design which is fit into your room and make it as interesting point inside the room. Commonly, it is four stools for square and round table design. It is such little space for only four people on it.

After knowing the characteristic of coffee table with stools, you need to consider if you are really want it to be the part of your room. If you are frequently using the room for more than four people, you need to consider choosing other design of coffee table. While you only need little space for coffee table, this table with stools will be much recommended. Choose the right color and design which can be combined perfectly with your room design.

Glass Coffee Table With Stools

DIY Wine Crate Coffee Table

DIY Coffee Table and Prepare the Plan to Work on It

DIY Round Coffee Table

Look at that sportive oval tables ! Aren`t it a beauty? Are you able to make by your hands ? Be sure the answer is “YES” ! DIY Coffee Table will be easier to do if you have plans to help you out. First, you can concern about keeping the cost down. It is actually about material choice that you choose to control the cost. It is not the price of equipment and tools you spend for. Second, use your creativity to help you find better solution in every problem you face during the process of making. Handmade table will fit better than you buy it from the market. It is actually you are doing something for your room and you might know better than other who only sell shelf table. While you do the first time about woodworking, you might find many difficulties. But, it will be over after awhile you pass the process of your learning. It will actually show its benefit to save money and time while you can do it by yourself in better result.

Moreover, if you do your own coffee table with plans, you will always continue the work on the other day without losing track to finish the work. Some inspiration from internet and magazine will be very helpful while you get stuck on certain ideas of the process. You will always find a ways out of it with the help or magazines, internet and obviously your own personal creativity.


DIY Coffee Table With Storage idea