blue kitchen in small appartments

White kitchen cabinets blue walls

Here and after I`ll show some of my projects have been implemented in real interiors on previous 5 years.

Less words ! I’ll show it to you in BIG PICTURE format

Blue kitchen cabinet-style


Elongated kitchen


Blue kitchen in small apartments in NY

Magic-J Folding Coffee:Dining Table

Folding Coffee Table is Proper Selection for Unique and Functional Furniture(blm)

Folding Coffee Table will be very simple to be the part of your room. When it should be move or store to certain storage you are definitely can do it. It is also functional furniture when you want to move the coffee table for another comfortable are around the house and have a good time on that spot. Folding table might be simple, but it really does worth furniture for the room. On the other hand, it is good furniture for certain small house which commonly has small space inside it. You can maximize the house space without losing its function and also the look. Those two elements must be important for the house and support what people need. No one is going to enjoy a place with no attraction anymore. They tend to pass it or just visit it in short period of time then leave it. If you want to present such a good home designing, you should consider those whole sets and deal with it.

folding coffee table rv

Folding coffee table will be proper selection for urban, modern and contemporary home interior style. You can extend the shape for larger of table for more people if they decide to join with you. If you have little guests for coffee time, you can just arrange the table shape in regular shape for intimate area of conversation.

The Convenience of Folding Coffee Tables

patio coffee tables design

Outdoor Coffee Tables with Unique and Built-in Choice

tropical outdoor coffee tables with storage
Outdoor coffee tables sometimes become the most difficult work to do than choosing interior items. It could be because this area will meet more different condition at day and night. Especially if you area or country have seasonal different weather. Therefore, you will need outdoor tables which can deal with this kind of problem. You can concern first about the table material before finally focus on its design and style. Outdoor table in fact has a great potential to make your life in balance. It shows great opportunity to provide great atmosphere while you are enjoying table for coffee with family, friends and also guests. The differences between outdoor area and indoor area are very visible. It will definitely provide great natural effect on people mind during your coffee time.

In addition, there are many ideas that you can choose to get nice view of outdoor coffee tables and also functional. You can choose between built-in and also material selection for your table. There are the things that are going to share in this page. Built-in furniture will be very functional because you can decide certain spot as the main area and other furniture. By choosing this built-in design, you will also avoid different season that will make your coffee table in bad condition time to time.


outdoor coffee table with seating

coffee tables with storage drawers

Coffee Table with Storage Could be Stylist for Room Space

coffee tables with storage drawers

Coffee Table with Storage is popular choice for homeowners who like to keep items near the table. It is the example of choosing storage table as the part of the room. The common design of this table is placing the storage right under the countertop. It is visible storage so that everyone will easily found items that you keep on it. While the other style of storage is hidden storage and it seems popular for coffee table. This design has been used from long time ago and that is why this hidden storage identical with traditional table for coffee. If you are interesting in choosing this storage of coffee table inside the room it will be good decision. In addition you can keep the table neat and organize without letting other see the mess. It is also important to keep thing in safer place and take it when you need them.

Further, by choosing coffee table with storage which is identical with traditional style of design, you can have strong choice for table. This furniture will be the point of interest inside the room. To combine the old design and also traditional design also will be a good decision. You can arrange to have eclectic room style with combination of old and modern items complete the room.

Coffee Tables With Storage Baskets


Enhance the look of your house with mission style coffee table

Mission Style Design. As for me it`s the best kind of design, cozy and comfy, can`t irritate an eye and never to get too boring.

As an architect style Mission Revival Style was an architectural movement that began in the late 19th century for a colonial style’s revivalism and reinterpretation, which drew inspiration from the late 18th and early 19th century Spanish missions in California.



The missions’ style of necessity and security evolved around an enclosed courtyard, using massive adobe walls with broad unadorned plaster surfaces, limited fenestration and door piercing, low-pitched roofs with projecting wide eaves and non-flammable clay roof tiles, and thick arches springing from piers. Exterior walls were coated with white plaster (stucco), which with wide side eaves shielded the adobe brick walls from rain. Other features included long exterior arcades, an enfilade of interior rooms and halls, semi-independent bell gables, and at more prosperous missions curved ‘Baroque’ gables on the principal facade with towers.


Nowadays its commonly spreed at East cost and south of the US where the influence of the Spanish architectural style of the most prevalent. Which king of furniture design is appropriate ?  No doubt its mission style design !















As  coffee table is part of everyone’s house, regardless of its size. There are different traditional as well as modern tables available in the market these days. You can easily find one as per your choice. However, if you are looking for a long lasting investment to be made, then the mission style coffee table should be your choice. The mission style furniture has been in demand since forever. It is best known for its craft style and the art of making it. It is one of the most demanded type when it comes to adding traditional look to your house.


Well keep in mind where are two different types of such a design: luxery south (spanish) and north folk-style  (amish style). Absolutely not appropriate to furnish south-style lodging with amish furniture and vice versa

The mission style “amish-style” table is made keeping the mind the art and craft technique.Mission Style Coffee Table - by AandCstyle














It, even today, is crafted by the hands not by the machinery. The machinery is only used for the cutting of the raw material. Any form of art done by hands makes it 10 times more worthy than any machine made designs. This is the reason that it looks unique as compared to other styles. If you are looking for an environment safe material, then the mission style should be your choice. This style of the coffee table is made by the friends that are completely environment friendly products.  And keep in mind – “amish” is not means an  inexpensive thing . You cannot buy a brand new table for peanuts !


This oak mission style coffee table costs $ 700  !














This is trendy ! Do not miss it !

To be honest as for price ideas it start from $ 150 Check this out:


Happy shopping !

square coffee tables ikea

Square Coffee Table Important Elements Beauty of Pattern and Design

DIY-Square-Coffee-Table (1)

Square coffee table might become the most traditional shape for coffee table. These four corners make this square table very predictable and popular for only little people on it. But, as then part of modern and simple style design, you can definitely place this square table together. If you are looking for such an object, sure is that you can get interesting and appropriate table design for your room. You can get traditional, contemporary and also modern design of square table from outlet or furniture store near your home or in online store. There would be easy to find because this square table is very popular for many people and still become their favorite choice for coffee table. Choose the most appropriate design for your room and select from the store or outlet best collection.

To add the beauty of thisobject you can choose from the beauty of pattern, creative design and also color. Those three examples might represent the importance of being concern about your coffee choice. You can combine those three elements together or choose one from three as long as the choice is appropriate for your room. In addition, you will need to prepare other items in the room in good match. For instance, you can decorate flower with rounded vas on the table for balancing the look.

square wood coffee table with drawers and glass top

steamer trunk coffee table pottery barn UK

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table with Classic Look

Glass Top Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

What is steamer trunk coffee table? Have you ever seen this kind of coffee table yet? Great moments such as religious holidays are often used by people to beautify the home. One room that is often highlighted in terms of decorating the living room of course, because this space is the most frequently accessed our relatives or friends. In decorating the living room at home, a time to a moment of your time to choose the right type of table to complete the living room. Coffee table has a very important role in supporting the function of the living room, because here we can put the food and drink that we will serve for guests who visit our house. We certainly know, there are several types of tables on the market that provides different design and functions.

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table set

The selection of the type and model appropriate table for your living room is certainly necessary in order to look your living room becomes more attractive and aligned with each other. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the function of the coffee table is tailored to our needs. For example, coffee table type End Table with trendy and stylish design can make your living room look more visually appealing. It is flexible and can be changed in accordance with the desire to make this type of coffee table is suitable for dynamic young people. Besides End Table, there are several types of coffee table that you can find in the market. However, some of you may be unfamiliar with some types of the coffee table like this steamer trunk coffee table. Therefore, to give you an additional reference in choosing the right coffee table, this time will be explained about steamer trunk coffee table more detail.

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

For those of you who love to collect furniture or middle hunting vintage items, now is the time you are looking for a small-sized tables to add to your collection. Although small, this sort table maximizes space while meeting your needs. Steamer trunk coffee table presences many benefits, such as to put drinks, books, or even just support feet while sitting on the couch. Conversely, if you do not use it right, you will only add to the stack goods at home. However, the use is not confined to a small table in the living room or family room. You can also put this table in the bedroom, bathroom, or in the dining room. Due to the presence of a small table can make a big difference between sitting room uncomfortable and very comfortable sitting room. The origin of the coffee table is still vague. One assumption says the coffee table from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Other sources said the coffee table was first originated in England in the second half of the 19th century. Regardless of its origins, the coffee table is an important part of home furniture in the mid 20th century. You can choose to decorate your interior to make it looks unique by utilizing this trunk steamer coffee table.

Belmont design group coffee table

Modern Round White Coffee Tables

White Coffee Table Repaint from Wood Natural Color

modern white coffee table with storage

White coffee table becomes people choice with its characteristic to give the room brighter look and make the room look better . It is a fact that white color  make the room look larger by bouncing the light through room. It would be different if you choose dark color for table and also some prior element inside the room with black or braun color. Therefore, if you are homeowners who feel like to choose brighter room condition, you can start with white coffee table. It would be a good start because you will work on it to combine the white color with other interesting color. You can choose red, yellow, orange, blue,  green and other bright colors to combine with white. In addition, if you like to add dark color, make sure that this dark color only in little percentage. This is to avoid domination of dark color for the room.

Further, by choosing coffee white table you need to consider about maintenance. It might need more work for it. You need to choose table with appropriate material according to your personality. It means that you can manage your time to clean it up in easy way without reducing fun time that you get on this table. For instance, you can choose white table with glass as the countertop and wipe the glass surface up after hanging out at the same table.

Large white coffee table