Make your house comfy with convertible coffee table

Convertible Coffee Table Transforms Into A Laptop Table

Is it a bite of small space solution ? Not over all People today are trying their best to break the lifestyle and are trying something out of the box. Yes, people today instead of over doing their house prefers to keep things simple. Gone were the days, even everyone used to over stuff their house with a lot furniture. Today, people prefer less furniture and more space. For this purpose, the multi-purpose furniture is the right choice. Coffee table being an important part of every house, is now available in different types. However, as per the need of this new trend this table is the right choice. The convertible quality of a table makes it multi-purpose and high on demand.

The Convertible Coffee Table is a creation by Tom Rossau from De

A convertible table for coffee is the best choice for people who have a small space. This type of coffee table opens up to a height which makes it more like a small dinner table. This is the best option for the people who have old or sick people in their house that cannot come to the dining table. It is also the perfect choice for people who like to watch TV while eating. Their height can be adjusted as per the need of the person. You can also place it next to your dining table and use it for placing glass or drinks in an organized manner.

A coffee table that pops up to offer optimum workspace

The convertible coffee table is made of different blocks. There are a lot of tables that can be used more as a box. Yes, you can easily pull on the top of the coffee table from one side and it opens to a small box. You can place your newspaper, TV remote and even books in it. You do not need to buy a separate newspaper, magazines or book stand. It is one of the wisest ways of saving space as well as a lot of money.

Prices start from $ 60

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10 Photos of the Make your house comfy with convertible coffee table

download91This convertible coffee table can solve a bunch of spaceThe Convertible Coffee Table is a creation by Tom Rossau from DeExtraordinary Coffee Table for Minimalist HouseExtraordinary Coffee Table for Minimalist House 2Dwell's Convertible Coffee TableConvertible Coffee Table Transforms Into A Laptop TableConvertible coffee table by dwell.A coffee table that pops up to offer optimum workspace


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  1. Ginger says:

    Take a look over :
    if ua looking to build a coffee/dining convertible table. Convertible furniture is becoming more appealing with smaller condos, but the prices are ridiculous. I think we can do better.

  2. Dianne says:

    Oh my God ! Bob is SO cute. What are you feeding up him with ? Love and roses ?
    I have a table that is great for small spaces, It is both coffee table 29 x 29 x 13 H that converts easily to a dining table 54 L x 29 W X 29 H. Much like #4 but very clean and Modern….

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