Original kitchen sink: 6 ideas 30 examples


Dry statistics says: almost two-thirds of cases that involved the hostess kitchen, one way or another connected to the sink, so that should not detract from the importance of this subject in the interior. We have compiled a selection of interesting shells, among which is easy to find something to your taste.

1. Non-standard materials

No need to buy standard metal washer when manufacturers are constantly encouraging new refined products. This can be a shell of a smooth copper or engraved, marble, or even concrete.

2. Bright colors

If the interior of the kitchen is decorated in cheerful colors, or, on the contrary, requires a color accent, note the color of the shell. This can be a whole bright coating or painted mosaic pattern.

3. The new coordinates

Do not want to “chase” the sink in the corner or put on the wall? The easiest way to diversify the interior – fit in kitchen space so-called island and embed it in the sink work surface. Another great idea – the sink near the window. This controversial reception functionality has the right to life only when you are ready to monitor the cleanliness of the glass. However, the lower part of the window can be closed by a protective screen.


4. The original form

Sinks original form more suited to those who have little use for them. If you prefer a dishwasher, look for shallow, curved or curly wash sink.



5. The emphasis is on tap

Sometimes, in order to transform the kitchen sink does not necessarily change. It is enough to buy a new interesting mixer that will fit into your decor. This can be a tall curved faucet, kitchen shower or quirky thing in Art Deco style.




6. The solution for small apartment

Sink-transformer – a real godsend for owners of small kitchens. The shape of her bowls suggests that at any moment the hostess can close part of the sink cutting board or set inside a sieve to facilitate the cooking process.


blue kitchen in small appartments

White kitchen cabinets blue walls

Here and after I`ll show some of my projects have been implemented in real interiors on previous 5 years.

Less words ! I’ll show it to you in BIG PICTURE format

Blue kitchen cabinet-style


Elongated kitchen


Blue kitchen in small apartments in NY

DIY-Square-Coffee-Table (1)

Square Coffee Table Important Elements Beauty of Pattern and Design

DIY-Square-Coffee-Table (1)

Square coffee table might become the most traditional shape for coffee table. These four corners make this square table very predictable and popular for only little people on it. But, as then part of modern and simple style design, you can definitely place this square table together. If you are looking for such an object, sure is that you can get interesting and appropriate table design for your room. You can get traditional, contemporary and also modern design of square table from outlet or furniture store near your home or in online store. There would be easy to find because this square table is very popular for many people and still become their favorite choice for coffee table. Choose the most appropriate design for your room and select from the store or outlet best collection.

To add the beauty of thisobject you can choose from the beauty of pattern, creative design and also color. Those three examples might represent the importance of being concern about your coffee choice. You can combine those three elements together or choose one from three as long as the choice is appropriate for your room. In addition, you will need to prepare other items in the room in good match. For instance, you can decorate flower with rounded vas on the table for balancing the look.

square wood coffee table with drawers and glass top

Coffee Table Stone top

Stone Coffee Table Reflex Natural Atmosphere inside the Room

Vintage Stone Coffee Table

Stone coffee table is one of the tables classy and has a fashionable design. This table is usually made from a variety of materials, ranging from leather, wood, up to the glass. For those of you who want a more elegant coffee table, select a stone coffee table with short foot table. This stone coffee table is very suitable to be placed next to the sofa and is often used to put accessories and photos. However, this table can also be used as the main table and placed in the center and closer to the wall, so that the table has become the focal point in the living room. For those of you who love to collect furniture or middle hunting vintage items, now is the time you are looking for a small-sized tables to add to your collection. Although small, this sort table maximizes space while meeting your needs. Small table presence many benefits, such as to put drinks, books, or even just support feet while sitting on the couch. Conversely, if you do not use it right, you will only add to the stack goods at home. However, the use is not confined to a small table in the living room or family room. You can also put a small table in the bedroom, bathroom, or in the dining room. Due to the presence of a small table can make a big difference between sitting room uncomfortable and very comfortable sitting room.

Stone Coffee Table

Now, try to enjoy food and drinks while watching television. If the steamer trunk coffee table is pretty far from your couch, of course you need another surface to put your food and drinks. Yes, a small table that can easily be moved to facilitate you put food and drinks. Moreover, because of its small size, you can make it “blend in” with the surrounding furniture. You can also make it stand out by giving it a bright color. For this reason, in decorating the house, you need a bit of creativity and imagination to maximize the use of your furniture. As this small table, so that its presence is not boring, you do not need to be afraid to use bright colors.

Modern Stone Coffee Table

In addition to “dress” the stone coffee table, you can also adjust the placement. By using two small coffee tables, for example, you can use it as a multi function table. Such a coffee table can also be used as a nightstand beside your bed. In fact, you can put a stone coffee table in the bathroom too. In addition to decorative function as a place to put the plants, put a stone coffee table of this kind in the bathtub to help you put shampoo, soap, or even your favorite book. Similarly, Coffee tables can also be made from a variety of materials with a variety of models as well. If you wished for an elegant sofa tables, you can choose a table made of stone, iron, wood, or glass. As for the complete living room a more modern and minimalist, you can choose a stone coffee table with solid and good quality stone material.

Artistic Oval Coffee Table Design With Stone Base and glass top

Ideas For Unique Coffee Tables

Unique Coffee Tables and Picking the Perfect One


Unique coffee tables will be available in sets and also individual pieces. You can buy only the table without chairs or sofa and choose other interesting furniture to accompany your unique table for coffee. It sometime becomes a trouble when you love coffee table but not the chairs. Therefore, you need to buy from stores which allow you to buy them separately. Unique table elements depend on colors, designs and also styles. If you want modern style, you can pick metal or glass material for your coffee table. While you want something traditional, you can go for wood material. Choosing table should never separate from its shape and size. It is bad choice if you choose to buy certain coffee table without considering their fit size for your room. It would be waste of time and also make the furniture not in good atmosphere for the room. Choosing something which suit you is tiring activity, therefore you need to prepare it perfectly and choose to avoid silly actions.


As the best par for gathering, its original shape  holds important role for the room. You can use it in the room for attractive decoration and make friends and guests start their conversation with positive words. Something unusual will never affect flat respond for people. You should remember this sentence and choose the best furniture for the lovely room.

Ideas For Unique Coffee Tables

painted glazed distressed coffee table

Painted Coffee Tables will be New Life for the Room

diy painted coffee table ideas

Painted coffee tables is not only fun to create but also will bring new look inside the room. This is a bit tricky because there is only color which bring your room into new look. The excellence of tricky creation might suitable to represent this design for your room. Painted table for coffee means take your old furniture into an update. It is the update of color which also create new atmosphere inside the room. You can also update the hardware with more modern design and sleek look. This kind of activity is interesting because you will not spend a lot of time to reuse your old furniture. You only need to choose another color on it to make the room get back its interesting look. On the other hand, there is mud of kind of dull condition will make the look of you furniture in total bad appearance.

With some fresh color, painted coffee table will bring back the pleasure of fun time hanging out at this  table. You can also update the look of the chairs or sofa with new color and also soft fabrics. It would be totally change the room and get rid the bad luck inside your room.

Pine coffee table large white painted thumb


rattan coffee table square with glass top

Rattan Coffee Table with Elegant Sturdy Material

Vintage Rattan Coffee Table with glass top

Rattan coffee table is sturdy material choice and absolutely will be able for years to come. Commonly, this kind of table uses all the part of the table with rattan with certain shiny paint finishing the surface. In addition, you can also find glass material as the part of table countertop to make it more smooth and strong on the surface. Rattan coffee table with glass countertop might become popular because there are many people choose this design as the part of their living room or lounge. It is definitely good appearance of wood with natural light and dark brown as the part of relax time. In the shape of box, it might be the most popular design of this kind table. This box table provides homeowners storages underneath it. Therefore, they can use these storages to store their important item as the part of their coffee time just like magazines, photos, etc.

In addition, there is synthetic rattan coffee table that you can find at the stores. They offer synthetic material of rattan table. But, if you like to provide the real touch and feel of natural rattan material for the table, you have to afford it. It must be difference between then synthetic material and also natural material of rattan as the part of aesthetic feel and also physical touch.

Rattan Trunk Coffee Table