White kitchen cabinets blue walls

Here and after I`ll show some of my projects have been implemented in real interiors on previous 5 years.

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Blue kitchen cabinet-style


Elongated kitchen


Blue kitchen in small apartments in NY


Original kitchen sink: 6 ideas 30 examples


Dry statistics says: almost two-thirds of cases that involved the hostess kitchen, one way or another connected to the sink, so that should not detract from the importance of this subject in the interior. We have compiled a selection of interesting shells, among which is easy to find something to your taste.

1. Non-standard materials

No need to buy standard metal washer when manufacturers are constantly encouraging new refined products. This can be a shell of a smooth copper or engraved, marble, or even concrete.

2. Bright colors

If the interior of the kitchen is decorated in cheerful colors, or, on the contrary, requires a color accent, note the color of the shell. This can be a whole bright coating or painted mosaic pattern.

3. The new coordinates

Do not want to “chase” the sink in the corner or put on the wall? The easiest way to diversify the interior – fit in kitchen space so-called island and embed it in the sink work surface. Another great idea – the sink near the window. This controversial reception functionality has the right to life only when you are ready to monitor the cleanliness of the glass. However, the lower part of the window can be closed by a protective screen.


4. The original form

Sinks original form more suited to those who have little use for them. If you prefer a dishwasher, look for shallow, curved or curly wash sink.



5. The emphasis is on tap

Sometimes, in order to transform the kitchen sink does not necessarily change. It is enough to buy a new interesting mixer that will fit into your decor. This can be a tall curved faucet, kitchen shower or quirky thing in Art Deco style.




6. The solution for small apartment

Sink-transformer – a real godsend for owners of small kitchens. The shape of her bowls suggests that at any moment the hostess can close part of the sink cutting board or set inside a sieve to facilitate the cooking process.


Extraordinary Coffee Table for Minimalist House

Make your house comfy with convertible coffee table

Convertible Coffee Table Transforms Into A Laptop Table

Is it a bite of small space solution ? Not over all People today are trying their best to break the lifestyle and are trying something out of the box. Yes, people today instead of over doing their house prefers to keep things simple. Gone were the days, even everyone used to over stuff their house with a lot furniture. Today, people prefer less furniture and more space. For this purpose, the multi-purpose furniture is the right choice. Coffee table being an important part of every house, is now available in different types. However, as per the need of this new trend this table is the right choice. The convertible quality of a table makes it multi-purpose and high on demand.

The Convertible Coffee Table is a creation by Tom Rossau from De

A convertible table for coffee is the best choice for people who have a small space. This type of coffee table opens up to a height which makes it more like a small dinner table. This is the best option for the people who have old or sick people in their house that cannot come to the dining table. It is also the perfect choice for people who like to watch TV while eating. Their height can be adjusted as per the need of the person. You can also place it next to your dining table and use it for placing glass or drinks in an organized manner.

A coffee table that pops up to offer optimum workspace

The convertible coffee table is made of different blocks. There are a lot of tables that can be used more as a box. Yes, you can easily pull on the top of the coffee table from one side and it opens to a small box. You can place your newspaper, TV remote and even books in it. You do not need to buy a separate newspaper, magazines or book stand. It is one of the wisest ways of saving space as well as a lot of money.

Prices start from $ 60

So i got nothing to say at this point by now. Bob is lucky today to get him fed of food !


For this, he specifically just have got up to the surface. Showtime !

Trunk Coffee Table with storage

Chest Coffee Table with Hidden Storage inside Living Room

Wicker Chest Coffee Table

Chest coffee table is perfect choice for presenting great style for the room and also providing to hide large storage inside the table. This is kind of elegant style for piece of coffee table and also popular as selection of  table with storage as the most people expect for their home furniture. Chest table for coffee will no need to be clean up from dust of any particle of it if you get one of best design of it. So, you could store many things without a lot dealing with maintenance process. The main point is that this table is an ideal solution not to let things messy on the coffee table. You can directly store it right under the table without giving any trace. This is a good chance for everyone. By choosing great quality of chest, you will represent wonderful focal point inside the room.

It is not a problem to combine chest coffee  table with certain modern and elegant furniture. The strong characteristic of chest table will let other modern item to be mix with it. Therefore, you can bring an eclectic style for the room and also choose appropriate decoration of this eclectic style in perfect way. Do not forget to measure the room space to provide enough free space inside the room.


chest coffee table australia

rattan design storage coffee table

Rattan Coffee Table with Elegant Sturdy Material

Vintage Rattan Coffee Table with glass top

Rattan coffee table is sturdy material choice and absolutely will be able for years to come. Commonly, this kind of table uses all the part of the table with rattan with certain shiny paint finishing the surface. In addition, you can also find glass material as the part of table countertop to make it more smooth and strong on the surface. Rattan coffee table with glass countertop might become popular because there are many people choose this design as the part of their living room or lounge. It is definitely good appearance of wood with natural light and dark brown as the part of relax time. In the shape of box, it might be the most popular design of this kind table. This box table provides homeowners storages underneath it. Therefore, they can use these storages to store their important item as the part of their coffee time just like magazines, photos, etc.

In addition, there is synthetic rattan coffee table that you can find at the stores. They offer synthetic material of rattan table. But, if you like to provide the real touch and feel of natural rattan material for the table, you have to afford it. It must be difference between then synthetic material and also natural material of rattan as the part of aesthetic feel and also physical touch.

Rattan Trunk Coffee Table

Mid Century Oval Coffee Table

Mid Century Coffee Table with Imagination inside the Room Interesting Spot

Mid Century Glass Coffee Table

Mid century coffee table becomes more and more popular to be chosen for the room furniture. It is familiar with elegant and simple characteristic. This table for coffee commonly uses shapes and texture as the main point of it design. Simple design is the part if modern design. Therefore, if you have modern style of room, you can definitely choose this mid century coffee table. With the presence of calm and comfy accent, this table stresses style and beauty of furniture. Fortunately, there is vintage or retro style of room will be appropriate to combine with this table. For instance, retro sofa, chairs and vintage decoration will be wonderful combination inside your room. In addition, there is benefits that you can get only from choosing this mid century table. There are storages as the part of coffee table. You can find that it will be very functional and stylist as the part of the room item.

From wood materials, bamboo, steel and glass are the main material that commonly used for this mid century coffee table. Something stylist and beautiful design for room tends with pretty pricey budget. Therefore, you need to remember what you are going to choose with it inside the room.

Round Mid Century Coffee Table

metro coffee table black

Black Glass Coffee Table for Great Choice of Contemporary and Modern Style

Glass Black Leatherette Coffee Table Nest

Black glass coffee table is different from usual transparent glass. It is definitely in black. With this kind of table color you can show other dimension of your room from the glass reflection. It is good view that you can see from black glass. Black glass coffee table is great choice to show sophisticated style of a room. The accent of sleek and clean surface makes this kind of table look adorable. There are two important things that you can consider about choosing black glass for coffee table. At the very first day inside your room, this black glass might look totally great. But, you need to remember that stain from sugar, coffee and tea will reduce the look of this table. Therefore maintenance process should be followed correctly to keep its look. Second, you need to choose new design which available in the market. It is better not to choose second hand black table if it has basic design.

Design of black glass coffee table is the most important element. More time passes, there must be newer design come up and replace the old one. Therefore, if you consider choosing black glass as your prior coffee table decision, you need to choose the best design. You need to see its uniqueness and also will be able to be interesting focal point for certain long period of time inside the room.

black ikea coffee table with storage